Our success is based on the success of the children we serve.That's why we love to hear things like the comments below.

“Caroline Skidmore entered into our lives when our son, age 3 1/2 at the time, was just diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum. He was having difficulties with all forms of communication, verbal and nonverbal. Caroline brought these amazing games and activities that were engaging and fun for him. Learning became something that wasn’t fought against, but something he looked forward to. Her hands on approach, understanding and caring demeanor, as well as her educating us, along our son truly saved our family. I cannot give Caroline Skidmore enough applause and thanks for her positive imprint on our lives.”
-Erin and Jesse Felder

“Our journey started with Caroline Skidmore when my sweet son was 2 1/2 years old.  He is now 9 years old and thriving in 3rd grade.  He was seen by Caroline twice a week for an hour each session.  He made incredible progress as a result of her dedication in working with him.  Caroline is truly a gifted speech therapist giving her all with each child she sees.  Although there are many speech therapists to choose from the reason we choose Caroline is because she believed in our son Connelly and gave us hope for his future.  When you have hope and believe in someone incredible things can happen.”
-Jenny Cox (Connelly’s Mom)

“We feel so fortunate to have Stephanie working with Nolan.  We have seen a huge improvement in his speech and language thanks to her patience, diligence and dedication. She knows exactly how to motivate him with games and prizes. She keeps it exciting! She is so kind and very professional. At the end of each session Stephanie updates me on Nolan’s progress and revises his goals.  Nolan is happy to “play” with Stephanie and I am more than happy with the results! ”
-Renae Wendt

“We have been so impressed with Stephanie’s skills and talents working with children with speech delays.  She is an extremely gifted speech therapist.  In just two visits, Max started saying his “s” and “f” sounds for the first time ever!  After another couple weeks, he had his “sh”, “c” and “g” sounds down.  Friends who don’t know he’s in therapy have commented on how much easier it is to understand him.  The icing on the cake is that Max has so much fun during his therapy, he doesn’t realize how hard he’s working!  He loves working with Stephanie, and gets really excited when we tell him it’s a speech day.  Thank-you so very much.”
-Jen Troth (and Kenneth Goode)

“We saw significant progress almost immediately with our son’s speech after starting with Caroline. We had been told repeatedly by other parent’s with similar delays that she was the best in the her area-and we firmly agree. We truly feel blessed that we found her. Our son loved working with Caroline -as did we. She turned what could have been a dreaded hour into something that he looked forward to-and truly enjoyed. She really is the best. ”
– Mother of Casey (age 5 years)

“Our daughter received speech therapy from both Caroline and Stephanie at different times. They not only worked with our child, but taught us, as parents, useful things that we could work on at home. They really helped our child open up and communicate much better. They are also great at teaching social skills, etiquette for playing games, etc. Caroline and Stephanie are both extremely knowledgeable and professional, and develop a wonderful rapport with kids.”
– Mother of Lily (age 6 years)

“After being in the field of child development and education for over 10 years, I have learned that children make progress when therapists and families find a balance in intervention programs that combined research-based approaches, program intensity, and child directed meaningfulness. Caroline is a therapist that has a talent for finding that balance and a gift for reaching children’s individual potential by developing relationship excellence with each child she works with.”
-Heather Hoyt, M. Ed
Learning and Developmental Specialist

“Not only does Caroline Skidmore have tremendous skill and expertise, but she also demonstrates a high level of professionalism and integrity.  My daughter had just turned 5 years old and although she’s been speaking in full, easy to understand sentences since she was very young, she had never correctly pronounced her “g’s” or “k’s”.  She had one assessment with Caroline and came home saying “cat”, “go”, “kangaroo” and “good”. I couldn’t believe it! I almost cried! A week and a half later (after practicing isolated words in the car and before bed when reading stories), she has begun using the correct proununciations in regular conversations!! It is truly amazing! Caroline could have very easily had us bring her in for many sessions to help her practice…instead, she gave US the tools we needed to help her practice daily and let us know she’s there should we have questions, feel stuck or if we didn’t feel Sadie’s speech was progressing. Sadie was truly empowered in her session with Caroloine while having a great time “playing” and we are SO grateful for the work she does! While in some cases it may be neccessary for a child to have several sessions to improve and monitor speech, rest assured that if this isn’t necessary, Caroline will be honest with you. She’ll only recommend this in cases where it is truly needed for proper speech development. I really appreciate this dedication and honesty and would recommend her to anyone who is even slightly concerned about their child’s speech. THANKS CAROLINE! : )  ”

“Jack loves Caro-lion! You were the best teacher for our little guy!”
– Tiffany Smidt-Howard

All of our clinicians are certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.